High Pressure System Accessories

High Pressure Technologies provide a wide range of system accessories.

Adapters, Couplings and Accessories

Maximator designs and manufactures a wide variety of adapters and couplings in an array of styles and sizes.

Ultra High Pressure Pneumatic Actuated Needle Valves

Maximator ultra high pressure pneumatic actuated needle valves with metal to metal seats have a high level of safety and reliability under adverse operating conditions. The pneumatic actuated needle valves are designed to be used for automatically relief pressure up to 217,000 psi (15,000 bar).

Dry Air Spool

In applications where very dry air or nitrogen is used to drive Maximator pumps or boosters there is a new spool seal option available to provide longer duty between maintenance.
This Dry Air Spool (DAS) option should be considered when powering the booster or pump with a very dry air or gas (Such as nitrogen) or for extreme operating conditions involving air or gas drive mediums below 0° F. dew point, and similarly, very cold climate applications (Ft. McMurray, Alberta often sees –40°C.).
This new design can be retrofitted to existing pumps and boosters as it only involves the spool, spool sleeve, and seals. The spool block remains the same. Be sure to use an appropriate tool to pull the spool sleeve! Minimum air drive with this option is 30 psig.

Air Receiver Tanks

Carbon Steel, ASME Certified

Gas Receivers

Alloy Steel with nickel plating, double ended 1/4" high pressure inlet/outlet connections.

High Pressure Data Logger

Reliable, easy to use pressure logger for data transfer High Pressure Technologies introduces a new product to simplify the recording of testing data, an electronic pressure logger.

Air Control Package

Configurations available for each model of Maximator pump, booster and amplifier.
Consisting of a filter, regulator with gauge, shut-off valve, and required fittings.

Air Valve Actuators

Maximator air operated valve actuators are piston type design, and are mounted on a standard manual valve to provide remote control capability. There are two air to open actuators available, and selection is based on the valve size, system pressure, and air pressure available.
Other types of Valve Actuator availabe are:
Electric Ball Valve Actuators
Pneumatic Ball Valve Actuators

Pneumatic Pilot Switches

High Pressure Technologies provides a wide selection of Air Pilot Switches
50 psi to 60,000 psi; Normally Closed and Normally Open


1 gallon through 8 gallons
Stainless steel or carbon steel-painted

High Pressure Relief Valve

Pressures Ranges : 1,000 to 10,000 PSI / 2,500 to 25,000 PSI
Used for Gas or liquid
Stainless steel body and adjustment gland material
Externally adjustable
Can be mounted in line
Visit relevant PDFs for more information:
Maximator Specialty Products
Relief Valves Flyer

Timer Device

This timer provides a method to alternate demands on dual pump, booster or air amplifier applications when the equipment is in continuous duty.
Visit relevant PDFs for more information:
Miniature Panel Mounted Timer
Panel Mounted Pneumatic Timer
Panel or Rear Mounted Pneumatic Timer
Panel or Subplate Mounted Pneumatic Timer


Complete range of stainless steel pressure gauges.
Dial Sizes: 2", 2 1/2", 4" and 6"
All common mounting types and connection sizes
Ranges from 0 to 100,000 psi
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