Hydraulic Driven Booster

Hydraulic Gas Boosters


In addition to our range of air driven gas boosters, Maxpro’s hydraulic driven multimedia intensifiers are an alternative way to increase the pressure of liquids or gases when compressed air is not available or is not the preferred power source.  Maxpro’s hydraulic intensifiers are 100% duty rated and energy efficient.  The intensifier performance can be adjusted to match your process control demands through the user friendly touch screen interface.

Features of MAXPRO Hydraulic Intensifiers

These hydraulic-driven intensifiers are ideal for fluid pressure intensification applications where compressed air is not available or suitable. Some of the key features include:

  • Straightforward design for easy operation and maintenance
  • Suitable for liquids and inert gases with matched seal packages
  • 7-inch user-friendly touchscreen interface for complete process and machine control
  • Variable outlet flow capacities ranging from 0–100%
  • Oil-free non-lubricated pistons
  • Liquid-cooled hydraulic reservoir, high pressure barrels, inter-stage and after coolers as applicable
  • PLC monitors all critical intensifier functions
  • Process control feedback locally or remotely
  • 100% duty rated
  • For additional information about these products, check out the product page.

Hydraulic Driven Pressure Intensifiers

Benefits of Hydraulic Intensifiers

These powerful units allow facilities to utilize existing low-pressure fluid sources for high-pressure applications in a small and manageable footprint.  A common hydraulic system is matched to the very serviceable high-pressure intensifier section.  This combination provides for a simple, easy to maintain system which requires minimal spare parts, few special tools and common technical expertise.  Our low maintenance and easily serviceable design will minimize downtime and maximize production time!  Now with PLC controls, memory, and remote communication, predictive maintenance trends can be scheduled without interruption to production.

Industries and Applications of Hydraulic Intensifiers

Hydraulic intensifiers are found in a wide range of machinery that relies on high pressure intensification, including CO2  circulation with phase change demands, hydraulic presses (nitrogen accumulators or product inflation), testing equipment (helium leak testing and gas scavenging), tools (riveters, nut splitters, torquing devices), and work holding devices. This equipment, in turn, finds use in various industrial applications, such as high-pressure food processing or supercritical CO2 extraction. Some of the industries that regularly rely on hydraulic intensifiers to achieve the proper pressure levels for their operations include:

  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Pressure testing