Diving – Recreational Sports

Diving - Recreational Sports

Maximator gas boosters are widely used by customers in the diving industry. We provide gas boosters that can meet the specific application requirements of commercial, recreational, and military diving.

Maximator gas boosters are used for boosting oxygen coming from standard oxygen cylinders and other oxygen sources to the higher pressures required for filling the Dive and Scuba tanks. They are generally used by rescue centers and commercial diving service providers and of course for recreational and sports diving.

Available in single acting, double acting or two stage configurations, Maximator boosters are suitable for oxygen charging up to 5000 psi. All boosters are also available in standard system formats for those customers wanting a “plug and play” solution.

Other well-known applications include boosting nitrox for deeper technical diving and breathing air for rebreathers, scuba diving equipment, as well as charging other types of O2 cylinders and small portable oxygen bottles required for life support. Overall, Maximator Air Driven Gas Boosters provide high performance, fast and reliable services to meet the needs of the diving industry at cost-effective prices.

Maximator liquid pumps are also used for the pressure testing of Cylinders and Dive tanks.