Automotive Applications

Automotive Applications

Products provided by High Pressure Technologies are used to support a variety of small and large applications within the automotive manufacturing and support industries. Maximator air amplifiers, liquid pumps, and gas boosters are used in manufacturing, testing, and maintenance operations.

Air Amplifiers

In Automotive manufacturing, air amplifiers are utilized to provide higher air pressures for use with Robotics in such areas as Paint Booths, blow off and cleaning of weld areas, and the charging of air cushions on presses on stamping presses in the body plants. Air amplifiers also provide assistance in procedures such as punching, riveting, and trimming. Other manufacturing and testing applications that have benefitted from Air Amplifiers include the manufacture and assembly of Brake pads, pressure testing of steering hoses, radiators and radiator hoses, air conditioning condensers, cooling and refrigerant tubing and systems. Maximator air amplifiers can be found in automotive repair and tire shops where higher air pressures are required.

Liquid Pumps

In automotive body and assembly plants, Maximator pumps are widely utilized on the body mechanical stamping presses where they are used for the press overload protection and where they are also used for the Die cushion cylinder charging. They can also be found on the Die clamping systems. In the engine plants they are used for operating engine tie down cylinders and for testing such items as the fuel injectors. Maximator liquid pumps are a popular choice for many industries when it comes to testing applications. In the automotive industry they can be found in testing such components as brake systems, hoses, cylinder blocks, common rail injection lines, fuel injectors, radiators, gas tanks etc. These pumps are also found on tire manufacturing presses, isostatic presses used for producing spark plugs and many other testing and manufacturing processes within the automotive support market.

Gas Boosters

Maximator Air Driven Gas Boosters are employed in the Hydrogen fuel market where they are used for charging cylinders in refueling stations. Many of these stations service the buses used at airports and vehicles used by the local utility companies. They are also used in the R&D and manufacture of Hydrogen fuel cells. Similarly to the Hydrogen refueling stations, these same boosters are utilized for CNG stations throughout the country.

Other applications for Gas Boosters within the automotive industry include the manufacture and testing of Airbags.