ROB Oxygen Gas Boosters

ROB - Rebreather Oxygen Boosters


The Maximator ROB rebreather oxygen gas booster is specifically designed for use in the sports recreational diving field. This compact compressed air or hand has driven oxygen gas booster provides a rugged and reliable means of recharging rebreather size tanks. ROB Boosters are Lightweight and portable Ideal for installing in a Pelican Case; Incorporate a Finned Gas Barrel for efficient gas cooling; Oxygen Cleaned; Can be driven from either compressed air or from air/nitrogen bottle supply.

For other oxygen gas boosters specific for the diving market, please visit our gas booster page or download our gas booster catalog from the catalog section. Service options on other makes of gas booster can be found on our customer service page.

Model Ratio Supply Pressure Outlet Pressure Stall Pressure Displacement
Per Cycle
Minimum Maximum
ROB-22 28:1 725 psi 4,060 psi 4,060 psi 28Pa 0.28 cu in
ROB-32D 32:1 725 psi 4,350 psi 4,350 psi 32Pa + Ps 0.70 cu in
ROB-8-37 8:1 / 37:1 145 psi 290 psi 4,350 psi 37Pa 1.30 cu in
SDLE-20-1 20:1 145 psi 4,350 psi 4,350 psi 20Pa 3.6 cu in