Chemical Injection Pumps

Chemical Injection Pumps - Morgan Chemical Metering Pumps

High Pressure Technologies provides Morgan’s Pneumatic Chemical Metering Pumps which are widely used in the oil & gas industry. High pressure chemical injection pumps are used to inject chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, defoamer or anti-foamers, detergents, methanol, and emulsifiers or de-emulsifiers into your pipeline for the specific application. Where your application is keeping a pipeline flowing, improving well production or neutralizing corrosive substances you need a high quality, reliable chemical metering pump.

Each type of chemical injection pump comprises intricate features that are designed to provide specific benefits to the customer and his application.

Morgan’s pneumatic metering chemical injection pumps are economical performers. Morgan builds precision pumps with vast applications in oil, gas and water treatments. Over 20 years of experience supports the design and manufacture of pumps that, on occasion, have raised the entire industry’s standards. Morgan chemical injection pumps for oil and gas are designed for lasting performance and easy maintenance. The quality of Morgan products is continually acclaimed in the field for accurate performance, minimal maintenance and long life.

High Pressure Technologies also provides complete Chemical Injection Skids.

HD Series Chemical Injection Pumps

These pumps are manufactured utilizing a hydraulic design, which incorporates hydraulic seals. The seals prevent any leakage of chemicals during operation in an application. The beneficial features of HD series injectors comprise:

  • A Teflon coating is applied to the diaphragm to prevent corrosion.
  • The pump’s overhead chamber consists of oil, which is used as a plunger lubricant as well as hydraulic fluid.
  • A combination coating of Teflon and Inconel is applied to the plunger spring to ensure a longer service life.
  • The pump housing is constructed from stainless steel, making it extremely reliable in corrosive environments.

Pneumatic Diaphragm Chemical Injection Pumps

These injectors are designed to provide strength and durability in an application. Morgan has achieved this by constructing chemical injection pumps in stainless steel. Morgan also provides diaphragm injectors in a PVC and stainless steel combination to achieve high corrosion resistance capabilities. The beneficial features of pneumatic diaphragm injectors include:

  • A Teflon-laminated diaphragm along with the stainless steel construction provides enhanced product durability.
  • Ideal for applications involving corrosive acids with pressures up to 150 PSI.
  • The pump’s design eliminates unbalanced pressure that can lead to diaphragm failure.
  • Fluid rate and volume can be adjusted while the pump in is operation.
  • Stainless steel base allows for secure pump installation.

Pneumatic Chemical Injection Pumps

This pump type is ideally suited for corrosive applications involving volatile chemicals like methanol. The plunger within the pump is constructed out of 17-4 PH stainless steel. The pump is also provided with a protective coating of titanium nitride. This protects the chemical injection pump from extreme abrasions, thus providing a longer service life. Following are the beneficial features of pneumatic chemical injector pump:

  • The plunger and seal can be easily accessed due to a hand tightened lock ring.
  • A combination coating of Teflon and Inconel is applied to the spring to ensure a longer service life.
  • The plunger is independent of the air piston, allowing for separate replacement, which reduces maintenance costs.

Solid Performance

Built To Last

Less is More

Morgan uses a computer-driven manufacturing process that guarantees the precision of pump dimensions resulting in accurate, trouble-free performance. Morgan Products has one of the widest selection of pump applications and sizes, making it easier to meet individual job specifications. Performance ranges of individual pumps exceed many industry standards. For example, supply pressure range from 25 to 150 psi with a single Morgan timer and output pulses are 0 to 50 strokes per minute (SPM). Every Morgan Product is tested to ensure performance accuracy before shipment.

Morgan pumps are designed for lasting performance and easy maintenance. Their stainless steel construction is highly resistant to corrosive elements and is especially recommended for offshore drilling applications. Lighter weight, fewer parts, and easy assembly reduce maintenance costs and improve durability.

Morgan Products are competitively priced for outstanding savings on your initial investment. Additional savings result from long service life and low maintenance.