Customer Service

Customer Service

High Pressure Technologies offers FAST and WARRANTIED repair on all Maximator® Air Driven Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters, Air Amplifiers and other products. We also service, and repair other makes of Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters and Air Amplifiers. Recognizing minimal downtime is critical to our customers we are generally able to offer a 48/72 hr turnaround on all repairs from time of receipt. Alternatively, a service technician is available to conduct on site service when requested. We also provide a 24/7 repair service for emergency situations.


For inquiries regarding repairs, troubleshooting or technical services related issues, please e-mail us at or make a request for service in the Contact Us page.

On-Site Service Calls - Troubleshooting & Repair

For a quotation, please consult HPT directly or utilize our Contact Us page.
Travel and expenses will incur for coach class airfare, meals, lodging and car rental where and as applicable. Receipts will be furnished to document all expenses. 24 hour, Weekend and holiday service is available.

Maximator Air Pressure Amplifier FAQ’s / Troubleshooting.
Maximator Gas Booster FAQ’s / Troubleshooting.

System Start-Up Service Call

Provide instructions on proper maintenance for all Maximator® systems. It is intended to assist with installation suggestions, start-up and correct maintenance of the system or power unit.

Interested parties will be sent a System Start-Up brochure with a formal quotation outlining the serviced provided.

On Site Servicing Contract/Agreement

This service provides for an annual preventive maintenance program and service on equipment manufactured by Maximator®. The Company manufactures a number of varied products. Quotations for Service Contracts will vary according to the system or product line.

When a Service Contract is purchased with a new product manufactured by Maximator®, training and on-site commissioning of the unit will be provided on written request.

For all services rendered and expenses incurred, invoicing will be under normal purchase order procedures. Services vary in costs and circumstances. All charges will be submitted by written quotation prior to the execution of any service.