Air Amplifier Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

Air Amplifier Systems - Frequently Asked Questions

What design standards are met?
We offer single acting and double acting booster depending on flow rate requirements. Double acting booster provide you with double the flow rate in comparison to a single acting booster. Boosters are available in the following pressure ratios: 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 / 5:1 / 10:1 / 15:1 / 30:1.

How do I control discharge pressure?
You can control the discharge pressure by adding a regulator on the air drive inlet. Typically the boosters outlet pressure is determined by the ratio of the booster and the air drive pressure. For example: if you are using a 2:1 ratio booster then your outlet pressure will be 2 times the air drive pressure. So if you provide a 2:1 ratio booster with 100 psi of compressed air on the air drive port, your output pressure will be 200 psi (2 x 100 = 200).

How do I control flow rate?
Please see our Recommended Maintenance Guide for service/maintenance inquiries.

What air quality is required?
If no Air Control Package is provided with the unit, then the compressed air quality must be ensured in accordance with MAXIMATOR's requirements. Requirements on compressed air quality are as follows:
a. Solid matter: Maximum particle size 5 µm, Maximum particle concentration 5 mg/m³
b. Dew point: Up to +10 °C (water content of 9.4 g/m³), Up to + 2 °C (water content of 5.6 g/m³)
c. Oil content: 1.0 to 5 mg/m7.

How much air is used to drive the booster?
Depends upon model and type of booster being used and also the consumption being consumed on the outlet side of the booster. Air Drive Consumption: varies from 3 SCFM @ 15 psi to 100 SCFM @ 145 psi. Please see consumption rates in the technical data of the model of booster you are using.

What are the determinants for selecting the right amplifier and how to correctly read the performance charts?
a. Step 1: What Is The Air Pressure & Volume Currently Available? Example: 90 psi @ 55 SCFM
b. What is the Outlet Pressure & Flow Rate Required? 160 psi @ 5 SCFM
If there is 100 psi available and the application requires 5 Standard Cubic Feet a Minute at 160 psi then you will be best using a 2:1 ratio booster. The booster will then increase the 90 psi to 180 psi and then you can install a regulator on the outlet port of the booster and set the regulator to 150 psi. This will now give you 3 options of to select from or 2:1 ratio boosters.(MPLV2 or SPLV2 or GPLV2 models) Looking at the flow performance charts you will see below that the SPLV2 and GPLV2 models will work best for the application.

Is there a way to tell when maintenance is required & what are the common reasons for failure?
Typically the booster takes longer to achieve the desired outlet pressure and will cycle faster to provide you the required flow rate. In the table below common failure reasons for the boosters which can be avoided with proper maintenance. More information can be found in the “Assembly Instructions for Air Amplifiers”