Fluid Power

High Pressure Technologies provides Maximator products as solutions to support fluid power applications. Our liquid pumps can be found in many fluid power applications found throughout all industries.

Maximator liquid pumps are commonly used for the actuation of hydraulic cylinders. They also provide the hydraulic pressure required for tools used for jacking, crimping, punching, wire forming and riveting applications. Many types of Filter presses rely on these pumps for their pressure squeeze. A variety of hydraulic presses can be operated with the help of liquid pumps. Overload systems used in hydraulic applications are also supported by Maximator pumps, as are mechanical stamping presses and tire curing presses. The pumps can also be used for valve actuation, roller tensioning, operating tail ramps on vehicles, providing the hydraulic force required for bearing removal on such devices as wind turbines, locomotive wheel removal and bolt tensioning.