Air Amplifiers

Air Amplifiers - Air Boosters - Pressures From 30 psi To 4,350 psi

Maximator® air pressure amplifiers are designed to increase the existing pressure from your in house air compressor to higher pressures. An Air amplifier is most commonly used to boost the air pressure in areas where the existing air pressure is too low and insufficient in order for a tool or a machine to run efficiently. Most applications only require the existing pressure to be increased 2 or 5 times the existing pressure. However should your application require a higher pressure, Maximator air boosters are capable of producing output pressures up to 5000 psi (345 bar).

Maximator air amplifiers are compact, require no electrical or mechanical drive connections, are powered by the same air that they amplify, and can be mounted in any position making them an excellent solution for areas in your factory that require a higher air pressure.

2 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-42 scfm flowrate

Air Pressure Booster MPLV2

2 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-70 scfm flowrate


2 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-88 scfm flowrate

Air Pressure Booster GPLV2

5 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-8 scfm flowrate

Air Pressure Booster DLA5-1

5 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-15 scfm flowrate

DLA5 Air Amplifier

5 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-21 scfm flowrate

GPLV5 Air Pressure Amplifier

4 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-4 scfm flowrate

MPLV4-1 Air Amplifier

3 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-16 scfm flowrate

SPLV3 Air Amplifier
SPLV3 Air Amplifier

10 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-4 scfm flowrate

SPLV10 Air Amplifier

15 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-3 scfm flowrate

DLA15-1 Air Amplifier

15 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-6 scfm flowrate

DLA15 Air Amplifier

30 to 1 Boost Ratio, 0-2 scfm flowrate

DLA30-1 Air Amplifier

Complete Air Amplifier Systems Are Also Available:

High Pressure Technologies also provides compressed air pressure booster systems, which are the best choice for a turn-key plug and play installations. These air booster systems provide a complete solution to increase plants existing air pressure to as high as 200-250 psi.

Maximator Air Amplifier Systems are commonly used in large workstations or machine centers but are also used in some of the remotest and harshest environments on the planet. Maximator air booster system’s are most commonly used to: increase shop air pressure for using machine tools, for operating high pressure air cylinders, pneumatic clamps, pressure testing, laser cutting, bottle moulding and many more.