DLA30-1 Air Pressure Amplifier

DLA30-1 Air Pressure Amplifier

HPT offers four air amplifier models in a single stage – single acting configuration. Single acting models include the MPLV4-1, DLA 5-1, DLA15-1 and DLA30-1 These units provide high pressure air amplification, up to 4,350 psi. Maximator air amplifiers are compact and lightweight for easy installation and operation.

Technical Data

Style Single Acting
Pressure Ratio 30:1
Compression Ratio 20:1
Min. Supply Pressure 100 psi
Max. Supply Pressure 4350 psi
Max. Rated Pressure 4350 psi
Stall Pressure 30Pa
Air Drive Port 1/2″NPTF
Inlet Connection 1/4″NPTF
Outlet Connection 1/4″NPTF
Pilot Port 1/8″NPT
Stroke Capacity(inˆ3) 3.6
Max. Temperature 2210 ºF
Weight 35 lb
Length 17.00 in
Width 6.75 in
Height 10.75 in
Mounting A 9.00 in
Mounting B 3.13 in
Mounting C 0.44 in

DLA30-1 Flowchart