DLA15 Air Pressure Amplifier

The Maximator® DLA15 Air/Nitrogen Amplifier is designed to boost both air and nitrogen pressures. Most common applications for these boosters are to increase the supply pressure at work stations and pneumatically operated machinery when the available working pressure is insufficient. The DLA5, DLA5-1 and DLA15-1 Air Amplifiers are unique to Maximators other air amplifiers due to the booster having a barrier between the air drive section and gas section, thus allowing this booster to compress nitrogen in addition to air while being driven (powered) with compressed air. Typically air amplifiers do not have a barrier between the two sections and thus allowing air to mix with the nitrogen, however the DLA series does have this feature and so can be used to compress both air and nitrogen. Due to some components being aluminum (end caps and barrels) the DLA series is only recommended to only be used to compress air and nitrogen. If you are compressing nitrogen and also wanting to drive the booster with nitrogen then you can use any standard air amplifier also provided it is ordered with a Dry Air Spool.

Technical Data

Style Double Acting
Pressure Ratio 15:1
Compression Ratio 20:1
Min. Supply Pressure 100 psi
Max. Supply Pressure 4350 psi
Max. Rated Pressure 4350 psi
Stall Pressure 15Pa + Ps
Air Drive Port 1/2″NPTF
Inlet Connection 1/4″NPTF(x2)
Outlet Connection 1/4″NPTF(x2)
Pilot Port 1/8″NPT
Stroke Capacity(inˆ3) 14.8
Max. Temperature 210 ºF
Weight 48 lb
Length 24.25 in
Width 9.00 in
Height 9.00 in
Mounting A 9.00 in
Mounting B 3.13 in
Mounting C 0.44 in

DLA15 Flowchart

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