GPLV5 Air Amplifier

GPLV5 Air Amplifier

For applications demanding a high flow rate as well as increased air pressure, HPT offers multiple ratio single stage – double acting air amplifiers. Double acting models include the DLA5 and DLA15. These air amplifiers are a safe and efficient solution to insufficient air pressures at work stations up to 870 psi.

Technical Data

Type GPLV5
Pressure ratio 1:5
Discharge (bar) 60
Discharge (psi) 870
Air Drive Pressure min. (bar) 1
Air Drive Pressure min. (psi) 14.5
Air Drive Pressure max. (bar) 10
Air Drive Pressure max. (psi) 145
Stall Pressure 5Pa
Noise level max. (dB(A)) 79
Weight (kg) 14,00
Air Drive Port 3/4″NPT
Inlet Port 1/2″NPTF
Outlet Port 1/2″NPTF
Stroke Capacity(inˆ3) 45.52
Operating Temperature max. (°C) 80
Height (mm) 271,00
Depth (mm) 176,00
Width (mm) 471,00

GPLV5 Flow Chart

4 Bar Air Drive


6 Bar Air Drive


8 Bar Air Drive