Bottle Mounted Gas Boosters

Bottle Mounted Gas Boosters

High Pressure Technologies engineers provide compact and portable high pressure gas solutions.


Bottle Mounted Gas Booster Feature

  • Low cost, fast shipment, ready to use, plug and play installation
  • Light weight bracket with straps for gas bottle mounting
  • Maximator gas booster
  • Gas inlet pressure gauge
  • Gas outlet pressure gauge
  • High pressure relief valve (field adjustable)
  • Air Pilot Switch: Booster stops at set pressure (field adjustable)
  • High pressure vent valve
  • Air Inlet Controls: (filter, regulator w/gauge, on/off valve)

Optional: Air drive and gas inlet ports can be plumbed together with a dry air spool modification and pressure reducing regulator. To be used in place of air control package. Typically used when shop air is not available and system needs to be pneumatically powered from the gas supply bottle.

HPT’s MTBGN bottle mounted charging systems are most commonly used with both nitrogen and oxygen, typically for the airline industry. The bottle mounted booster system can of course also be used with industrial/breathing air, argon, CO2, helium, hydrogen, methane, neon, nitrous oxide, xenon, etc.

Note: High Pressure Technologies gas bottle mounted booster systems are not sold with bottles or bottle carts. Hoses and whips can be provided with quick connects and adapters. Custom builds are offered.

Most Suitable For Industrial Gas Charging Applications

High Pressure Technologies can size a booster specific for your applications requirements. Booster systems are to be used with standard industrial bottles with starting pressures of 3,500 or 6,000 psi with the capability to reach outlet pressures as high as 36,000 psi. Talk to an HPT engineer to size a booster for your application.

Gas Supply Pressure Vessel Final Pressure Fill Time Brand “H” time to fill
1500 2000 0:20 0:53
1250 2000 0:35 1:41
1000 2000 0:58 3:25
800 1300 0:35 4:20
Performance Example:
Booster Drive Pressure: 140 psig
Vessel Volume: 218 cubic inches
Vessel Start Pressure = 800 psi