How To Select Air Driven Pump

How To Select Air Driven Pump

High Pressure Technologies offers a variety of Maximator air driven liquid pumps. As there are numerous models to choose from, finding the right pump for an application can be a tough task for a customer. For this reason, we have provided the following steps to choose the right high pressure pump for an application.

1. Confirm the Application Fluid: Knowledge of the fluid to be pumped can reduce the amount of time needed to select a liquid pump. For example, if you know that the application will feature a combination of oil and water, then you can look at the PPO or S Series liquid pumps.

2. Determine Minimum Plant Air Pressure: Simply knowing the type of fluid is insufficient. The air pressure required to drive the fluid is also important. Once you have the minimum air pressure available in your plant, you can search for a pneumatic pump that meets your needs.

3. Decide on the Outlet Pressure: This point can be best explained with an example. Let us assume your application comprises chemicals. These chemicals need to be transferred at pressures between 60 and 10,000 PSI. If this is your requirement, then you should consider looking at the PPSF series.

4. Determine the Flow Rate: The flow rate required for an application can be established by answering a few important questions:

Flow rates can be further established by examining the outlet and air drive pressures of each pump.

At High Pressure Tech, we strive to ensure that your pump selection process is effortless without consuming excess time. Contact us if you have any further queries regarding Maximator air driven liquid pumps.