Maximator Air Amplifiers – The Top Choice

Guaranteed Savings with Maximator Air Amplifiers
April 1, 2015
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Maximator Air Amplifiers – The Top Choice

Air amplifiers, also known as air boosters, are the perfect cost-saving system for you when you need a higher air pressure than you’ve currently got. Our Maximator air amplifiers will increase air pressure for both your work stations and for your pneumatically operated machinery.

Our air amplifiers work with applications that use pressures from 30 PSI to 4,350 PSI. At HPT we offer a wide variety of air boosters / air amplifiers so you can get the precisely the pressures you need in your plant.

We offer pressures in the following ratios: two to one, four to one, five to one, fifteen to one and thirty to one.

If you need a simple air amplifier, we offer the best systems you’ll find anywhere. The same thing is true if you need something more complex, like multiple ratio single stage – double acting amplifiers, or a system providing multiple short-term high air flow, or a constant flow with a reserve.

All our storage tanks are both A.S.M.E. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) rated and with a CRN (Canadian Registration Number).

We also offer a good selection of accessories for the air amplifier / air booster you choose. For example, we offer highly configurable air control packages with a filter, regulator with a gauge, a shut-off valve and the necessary fittings.

We can provide piston type air operated valve actuators mounted on a standard manual valve and operated by remote control for the Maximator system you choose.

With more than 30 years experience providing high pressure equipment for liquids, gas and air, we’ve got the experience you want and deserve. We are known industry wide for our long-term commitment to our customers because our highly talented and experienced staff is committed to providing you with real, timely and economic solutions.

Let’s get started helping you get exactly the air amplifier / air booster you want today.

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