Single Acting Oxygen Booster Package

Single Acting Oxygen Booster Package

Small, lightweight and economical oxygen gas booster packages which are ideal for aircraft and bottle filling applications. Requires only an air source for power (70 psi minimum) and an oxygen supply bottle that can be used to as low as 100 psi. These booster packages will achieve 1,800 psi or 2,000 psi outlet pressures.


Features of Single Acting Oxygen Gas Booster

  • All stainless steel components, cleaned for oxygen service
  • Contaminant free operation with complete separation and isolation between the oxygen and air drive sections
  • No electrical power required, only a 70 psi shop air source
  • Automatic shut-off at desired outlet pressure for unattended operation
  • Safety relief devices and pressure gauges included on both gas and air sides
  • Manual vent valve for venting gas pressure prior to disconnecting outlet line
  • Drive air filter and shut-off ball valve to manually stop booster
  • Drive air connection is 1/2″ FNPT
  • Oxygen gas inlet and outlet connections are 1/4″ FNPT
  • All components are mounted to the booster and tested prior to shipment

This package is 21″LG x 15″ WD x 10″ HG and weighs approximately 44 lbs.