Driving with Very Dry Air or Nitrogen?

Driving with Very Dry Air or Nitrogen?

Dry Air Spool for Pumps and Boosters

In applications where very dry air or nitrogen is used to drive Maximator pumps or boosters there is a new spool seal option available to provide longer duty between maintenance.

This Dry Air Spool (DAS) option should be considered for extreme operating conditions involving air or gas drive mediums below 0° F. dewpoint, and similarly, very cold climate applications (Ft. McMurray, Alberta often sees –40°C.).

This new design can be retrofited to existing pumps and boosters as it only involves the spool, spool sleeve, and seals. The spool block remains the same. Be sure to use an appropriate tool to pull the spool sleeve! Minimum air drive with this option is 30 psig.

How To Rebuild a Dry Air Spool (DAS):